Kansas City man waits months for new state ID card, struggling to get answers


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Victor Hemphill checks the mail every day at the senior home where he lives, hoping his new state identification card from the Missouri Department of Revenue has arrived.

He’s been waiting since February for the card which, according to the DMV where he renewed the card, was supposed to arrive within three to six days.

Every month he stops by the DMV in Kansas City to find out what the hold up is on his ID card. He was there in March and again in April and again in May.

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“It’s gotten to the point that people there know who I am,” Hemphill said. “They call me rattle trap.”

Without an identification card, Hemphill can’t cash the $1,400 stimulus check he received from the federal government three months ago. He also can’t participate in a clinical trial on smoking where he had hoped to earn some extra money.

In a sense, he doesn’t exist until he gets that card.

That’s why he called FOX4 Problem Solvers for help. We called and emailed the Missouri Department of Revenue, but for two days we never heard back.

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So, we contacted the DMV in Grandview, which has a good reputation for customer service. The Grandview DMV called the state Department of Revenue and learned that Hemphill’s card had been returned to the state as undeliverable months ago.

That baffled Hemphill, who said his address, which is on the receipt he received from the DMV, is accurate. In fact, he just received a letter at that same address from his state representative letting him know he has unclaimed property. Of course, he can’t collect that property until he has a state ID.

The Grandview DMV told the revenue department it could send Hemphill’s ID to their office, and they would make sure he got it. But the state refused that offer, saying it was required to mail the card to Hemphill two more times before considering other options.

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Here’s the good news. The day after Problem Solvers got involved, the Missouri Department of Revenue mailed Hemphill a new ID card. This time it arrived in his mailbox.

A representative from the revenue department contacted Problem Solvers a few days later, saying that Hemphill could have solved this problem more quickly if he had contacted the state Revenue Department for help finding the lost card — instead of continuing to go through the DMV.


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