‘Can’t this town get a break?’ Flooding in Excelsior Springs causes a mess and puts WaterFest in jeopardy


EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — People north of the metro woke up Friday morning to water flooding city streets, cars and buildings.

In Excelsior Springs, between 5-inches and 6-inches of rain has fallen in the past 24-hours. People living northeast of the town experienced even more rainfall. All of the rain is putting the town’s WaterFest, scheduled for this weekend, in jeopardy

“Can’t this town ever get a break?” Jeremy Fisk, Excelsior Springs resident, said.

At The Elms, the East Fork Fishing River is so high, people can’t get to the hotel and spa. The river overflowed it’s banks and blocked the hotel’s parking lot.

“From what I could see from my apartment it was just coming down pretty good, and lightening frequent. I just didn’t know it would turn into this.” Jeremy Fisk, Excelsior Springs resident, said.

Fisk said Excelsior Springs suffered a storm about two weeks ago and the community is still recovering from that one. Now it’s dealing with flooding.


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