Wasco baby suffered broken arms, burns and cuts: reports


WASCO, Calif. (KGET) — The 6-week-old boy was brought to Memorial Hospital on May 3 suffering from an array of horrific injuries.

Both of the baby’s arms were broken. He had broken ribs and bruises all over his body. There were burns under his feet that appeared to be caused by a lighter.

The child’s father, Jorge Millan, 21, couldn’t explain the injuries, according to court documents. He told detectives he and his fiancee, Elizabeth Jara, 19, live at his parents’ house and he believed one of his parents knocked an air conditioning unit over the day before, and the fan hit the baby.

That explanation didn’t explain the severity or amount of injuries the infant had suffered. Investigators told Millan he was going to be charged with attempted murder.

Millan responded by telling detectives Jara needs to be evaluated for anger issues and “psychotic” behavior.

“Even I don’t like when she’s mad, she will (expletive) me up,” Millan told detectives. “I am scared of her.”

When questioned, Jara said Millan had previously abused her and she was afraid to leave him, the filings say. She said Millan was too rough with the baby.

Both Millan and Jara have pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, torture and willful cruelty to a child and are held without bail. They’re due back in court in August.

Deputies in Wasco took several other children living at the home of Millan’s parents into protective custody.

According to the documents, there were dog feces and trash on the floor of the home, roaches crawling on the walls, food left out on counters and dirty pots and pans piled up in the kitchen. There were holes in the walls and the house smelled like urine and feces, detectives said. Three dogs and six puppies were in the home.

The homeowner told detectives he was embarrassed at the state of his home and he doesn’t let friends visit.


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