16 COVID-19 cases reported at Lincoln long-term care facility



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LINCOLN (WEEK) — A long-term care facility in Lincoln has 16 COVID-19 cases. Logan County Health Department said this is not the first recent outbreak it has seen.

As of Wednesday, 16 people at Christian Village have COVID. Six of the cases are from the past 24 hours according to a sign posted on the door at the Logan County long-term care facility.

12 residents and four staff members have tested positive. The company’s COO, Ray Dickinson, said they had been following all of the proper protocols for the outbreak.

“Our team has responded just as they’re supposed to, and we think It’ll be a short lived situation,” said Dickinson.

A resident’s family member told 25 News they were concerned the staff brought in the virus.

“Regardless of how it would be brought into the community, whether from associate or a family member or a new resident, we are going to respond quickly, and as we have in this situation,” said Dickinson.

The family member also claimed the facility had run out of isolation rooms, but Dickinson also denied that.

“We have available rooms to handle the establishment of this red zone and continuing to monitor that,” said Dickinson.

Kara Davis with the Logan County Health Department, said this was not the first outbreak the county has recently had.

“That is a little bit concerning to us because the vaccines that are out currently are, do not cover a lot of the new variants,” said Davis.

David also said there had been positive cases for new variants of COVID-19 in Logan County.

Peoria City/County Health Department said it had not had an outbreak since April. Tazewell and McLean Counties said both had not had any recent long-term care facility outbreaks.

“We were doing very well for about a month and then recently, we have had some more outbreaks. It’s been pretty continuous through the last year and a half with COVID,” said Davis.

As far as the employees at the facility, Dickinson said most of them are fully vaccinated, but it will be required by November. Also, Dickinson said 91? of their residents are fully vaccinated.

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