4 dead and injured after violence in North Bend; The suspect was last seen armed in Lin County


The suspect linked to at least 3 North Bend deaths was seen hiding in the woods between Eugene and Florence armed with a pistol.
Investigators do not yet know who the suspect is.
The truck connected to the deaths along Highway 126W was found crashed and set on fire.
The truck’s registered owner was found dead in a trailer at an RV park.
The Kos County District Attorney said a witness saw the truck driver get off with a gun and disappear into the woods.
Paul Fraser, the Cos County District Attorney, said the unidentified suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.
Fraser said the investigation began with 911 calls from the RV park at the Mill Casino.
A driver in a pickup truck collided with a couple, killing one and injuring another. Fraser said a woman who was taken to Bay Area Hospital is in critical condition.
“She’s in very bad shape,” he said.
Police then received a call that a shooting had taken place at the Herbal Choices cannabis store on Sherman Street in North Bend.
The police found a dead person from his wounds, which appeared to be gunshots.
The investigation so far indicates that the same person is responsible.
The suspect is not the registered owner of the truck. The owner was found dead in his trailer in an RV park. Fraser said he had “no doubt” that the person had died of fatal violence.
Fraser said it appears the suspect left the cannabis store and went to the Big 5 at Pony Village Mall and bought more ammunition.
How the suspect traveled from Coos to Lynn counties is not yet known.


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