Mother, 2 kids killed in collision with stolen SUV


PHOENIX (AP) — A man ran a red light while driving an SUV stolen minutes earlier, causing a five-vehicle collision that fatally injured a woman and her two teenaged children, police said.
The 38-year-old carjacking suspect was among several people injured in the crash and will be arrested and booked into jail on unspecified charges once released from a hospital, a police statement said. His identity wasn’t released.
“Impairment and speed are both contributing factors in this collision,” the statement said.
Police identified those killed as Courtney Lonergan, 45; son Ali Greer, 18, and daughter Almira Greer, 16.
Police said the 18-year-old son was driving a car with his mother and sister as passengers when it collided with the SUV. Both vehicles then struck a pickup and it struck a city bus, and the SUV then struck a pedestrian in a crosswalk and finally a stopped car, police said.
None of the other injuries were life-threatening, police said.
The statement said the SUV was stolen when a man struck a woman in the face at a location 10 blocks from the crash site. She was able to get out of the SUV before the man drove off in it, the statement said.


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