Shawnee brewery launching line of rainbow beers to support LGBTQ nonprofit


SHAWNEE, Kan. — A local brewery is launching a new line of beers to celebrate Pride Month. Servaes Brewing Company in Shawnee will release a new rainbow themed beer each week during the month of June. 

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Owner Courtney Servaes said the brewery will donate 20% of proceeds from the pride beers to the Kansas City Pride Community Alliance.

The first beer in the series, Love is Love, will be available starting Saturday, June 4. Servaes describes the Love is Love beer as a fruit medley featuring every color of the rainbow. Later this month the brewery will also release:

Like Butterflies-Rainbow Sorbet, a sour with notes of lemon, orange, lime and raspberry. 

Ever After Rainbow, a sour with flavors Servaes describes as similar to Skittles candy. 

Rainbow in the Dark, a sour featuring black currants and edible glitter. 

Servaes said for her June is not only about celebrating LGBTQ pride, but celebrating the personal challenges she and her wife overcame to get married in 2015. Servaes married her wife Brandi in 2015 in a private ceremony days before same sex marriages became federally legal. She said when they applied for a legal marriage license, they were met with pushback and ultimately had to move to Johnson County to have their marriage legally recognized. 

“The county that we lived in would accept our application, but they would not process it. Even after it became legal across the United States. We actually had to take our application to a different county, which meant we had to get a different judge. It was a whole process just to get married, because it was so new,” Servaes said.

“I’m sure there are still counties that make it difficult for people to get married that are same-sex. I don’t really feel like the fight is completely over, but it’s still a fun month to celebrate how far we’ve come.” 

The special edition beers will be sold by the glass in the Servaes taproom and in pre-packaged four-packs. The brewery will also partner with local food trucks and other LGBTQ businesses for the launch. 

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