NC woman bit by snake, fell off ladder while trimming hedges


MOORESVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina woman is recovering from a fall off a ladder prompted by a surprise snake bite.

Heatherly Noble was trimming hedges outside the front door of her Mooresville home when a non-venomous black racer emerged from the bush and bit her, news outlets reported.

She said she didn’t realize what caused the pain in her right hand at first but looked down to see the snake “rising up out of the bushes like some sort of demon,” she told the Winston-Salem Journal.

Footage from a home security camera shows the snake lunged at Noble again, causing her to fall to avoid a second bite.

“When I stepped off the ladder, unfortunately I was 4 feet up and stepped back into thin air

She told the station she has “a bruised tailbone, a torn ACL and a pretty shattered ego.”

Noble said she hopes other gardeners will learn from her experience and check for wild creatures before beginning their yard work.

“I should have been wearing more protective gear,” she told WCNC-TV. “The snake won, if anyone is wondering. We don’t want to kill them all, but just be aware that they are out there.”


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