Houston police fatally shoot man who opened fire during stop


HOUSTON (AP) — A man who approached Houston police officers during a traffic stop was fatally shot after opening fire on the officers, police said.
Police had stopped a pickup truck for speeding shortly before 2 a.m.
and the driver told officers he was fleeing gunfire from someone in a car shooting at another vehicle, assistant Police Chief James Jones said.
While officers were talking to the driver, another man approached and began talking to officers, according to Jones.
“I believe … the suspect said something to the effect of ‘just shoot me,’” Jones said. “The suspect reached into his pants, he eventually pulled a gun. The officers gave (a) command to drop it, we believe the suspect fired at least one time. The officers returned fire, striking the suspect.”
The man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, Jones said, and investigators are trying to determine if he was involved in the original gunfire between vehicles.
Jones said there were no other injuries and a male and female in the pickup truck are not believed to have been involved in the original shooting.
No names have been released. Jones said the officers are on paid leave.


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