Man killed by cops shot at police, 2 others


A 22-year-old man who was shot and killed by Denver police last week fired at two people and also shot at officers in four separate shootings before nine officers fired at him, police said.

According to police’s preliminary investigation, Cedrick Vick fired at a woman during a car jacking and another person before that after witnesses said he was acting erratically and waving a handgun near a park on Friday, Commander Matt Clark said. After speeding away in the stolen car, Vick fired at officers following him and then, after crashing the car following a chase, refused to get out and show his hands, Clark said.

Vick opened the door, waved his hands, got in and out of the car and reached around, acting erratically, he said. After officers tried to get him to comply with their commands for nearly a minute, Vick suddenly raised a handgun and fired two rounds toward several officers, prompting nine officers to fire back multiple times, Clark said.

A Glock semiautomatic handgun was found in the stolen car, Clark said.


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