1 dead, 4 injured in Saginaw shooting


America’s most recent mass shooting happened early this morning in Saginaw as one man was killed, four others wounded.

Police say it happened at a home that was being promoted as a place where people could rent it out and host a party.

“Units reference Randolph, sounds like three victims so far,” a Saginaw County Central dispatcher could be heard saying on a 9-1-1 recording early this morning.

When the counting was down, five people were hit with gunfire at around a quarter to two this morning outside a home on Randolph on Saginaw’s southeast side. A 29 year old man was killed; the four other people suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Police estimate there were 100 people in the home, another 100 outside, when someone started shooting. Investigators have few leads on a suspect.

“Everybody is uncooperative which is pretty unfortunate, but that is kind of the tale that is going on here in Saginaw and Flint,” says Saginaw Police Detective Sergeant Matt Gerow.

He says there have been two previous shooting incidents at this home since January.

Police now believe the home on Randolph was being marketed on social media as a place that could be rented out for parties.

Gerow says a party was taking place at the home on Friday when someone was shot and another party was going early this morning when this shooting took place.

“You have to be licensed for that, and that residence was only licensed as an owner-occupied residence,” says Gerow.

Its not clear if the owner of the home could face criminal charges related to the shootings. Saginaw now has four shooting homicides in 2021 and 24 other people have been injured in shootings.

Gerow quotes Saginaw Mayor Brenda Moore on what it will take to end the gun violence in the city.

“Put the guns down, nothing good happens at these after-hour events that are not sanctioned, where there is no security, put the guns down.” says Gerow.

Police do have surveillance video of the shooting incident and they are looking it over to see if they can identify a suspect.


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