Garcon Point Bridge


The Garcon Point Bridge is a 2-path cost connect in Santa Rosa County, in the Florida beg. The scaffold for the most part runs north – south and associates U.S. Highway 98 east of Gulf Breeze, Florida to Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 90 west of Milton, Florida.

The street and scaffold utilizes the TOLL 281 safeguard on signage from US 98 to I-10. North of I-10 the street is marked exclusively as State Road 281. Leave signs on I-10 showcase both the State Road 281 and TOLL 281 safeguards. The extension crosses East Bay, an enormous segment of Pensacola Bay and fills in as a departure course during a storm watch.

Because of the standing of being a pet task of previous Florida House Speaker Bolley “Bo” Johnson, D-Milton, who later went to government jail for tax avoidance, the extension project was nicknamed “Bo’s Bridge”. It was finished in 1999 and in 2000, the Santa Rosa Bay Bridge Authority requested a $500,000 credit from the state in spite of deferring repaying past multimillion-dollar advances from the state.

The credit was subsequently denied in 2001.

In 1996, URS Greiner Woodward Clyde, a counseling firm, made traffic volume projections dependent with the understanding that the Garcon Point Bridge would have traffic like a close by scaffold to Destin, a mainstream sea shore resort rather than the regions that it really interfaces. In 2000, the normal day by day traffic was just 3500 vehicles every day, a long way from the 7500 that URS anticipated. In 2000, Arthur Goldberg, the URS VP who composed the appraisals for the Garcon Point Bridge, told the St. Petersburg Times, “We currently realize that [we weren’t right about the estimates]. I don’t think the Garcon Point Bridge will at any point return to the gauge we made for it in 1996.

Odebrecht-Metric, the development organization who fabricated the scaffold, wrongfully unloaded development squander during the venture, coming about in a $4 million fine for the organization for disregarding the government Clean Water Act.

Three chiefs confessed and paid $1,000 in fines and carried out an assessment.

Impermanent Toll Update: September seventeenth, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended costs on the Garcon Point Bridge, as it is the essential backup course of action for the Hurricane Sally-harmed Pensacola Bay Bridge.

The fixes to that scaffold are assessed to be finished in Spring of 2021.

No choice has been reported on long haul suspension of costs.

Most current Toll Update: March first, 2020, Garcon Point Bridge Toll went up to $5.00 per two-pivot vehicles, one path for nonSunpass holders. Sunpass cost rate is $4.50 for two-hub vehicles and an extra $4.50 for each extra pivot, one way.

Two pivot vehicles utilizing a SunPass transponder will get a %25 rebate on their Garcon Point Bridge cost exchanges at whatever month they have at least 30 Garcon Point Bridge exchanges.

On 4 December 2019, A State judge decided that the extension investors, UMB Bank, could build the cost from the current pace of $3.75 per vehicle to $5 per vehicle.

Obsolete data: There is one cost court at the north finish of the extension.

Costs might be paid with cash or with the SunPass electronic cost framework. As of December 2018, the single direction cost for the cost for a 2-hub vehicle was $3.75. SunPass clients who cross the extension 30 times each month at present get a kudos for half of cost. In November, 2014, the trustees of the scaffold project proposed raising the extension cost to $5 every way and diminishing the markdown given to visit clients.


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