North Carolina man shot by grandfather during break-in dies


LONG VIEW, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man who was shot by his grandfather after breaking into his home has died, police said.

Long View police said in a news release that Jessie DeWayne Gibson, 34, died night at a Charlotte hospital. His grandfather, George William Gibson Sr., 76, is hospitalized because of complications from Jessie Gibson assaulting him, The News-Herald of Morganton reported.

Police said Jessie Gibson forced his way into his grandfather’s home in Hickory, attempted to steal money from him, pointed a pistol at him and assaulted him. According to police, George Gibson, who was at home alone at the time of the incident, shot his grandson during the attack and didn’t realize who had attacked him because of the face covering.

After reviewing the evidence, District Attorney Scott Reilly determined that no charges would be filed against George Gibson, and that his actions were justified because he feared for his life and only used deadly force after his grandson pointed a gun at him.


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