Two college students killed in chain-reaction crash


ELGIN, Ill. (AP) — two college students were killed and two others injured in a multiple-vehicle accident near the entrance of a northern Illinois university, according to Elgin police.

Dallas Colburn of Plano, Illinois and Nathanael Madison of Wernersville, Pennsylvania died in the crash that occurred near Judson University.

In a statement, Judson officials said two other students were taken to a nearby hospital, with one suffering serious injuries. All the students were seniors in Judson’s architecture program.

“We are deeply saddened and mourn this tragic loss tonight. We grieve with the families and ask for prayers for the students and their families,” Judson President Gene Crume said in a statement. “Our prayers are also with the students who were injured and who will be impacted by this tragic accident.”

Elgin Police Department said a preliminary investigation shows the vehicle carrying the four Judson students was involved in a chain-reaction crash involving three vehicles. The vehicle carrying the students was turning onto a street leading to the university when the crash occurred. Colburn and Madison were pronounced dead at the scene.

Judson University is a liberal arts college located in suburban Chicago.


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