Ohio police officer shot and killed 16-year-old girl with knife,


Columbus Police said a 16-year-old girl was killed in an officer-involved shooting on the east side of the city afternoon.
Police showed bodycam footage at a news conference of the officer shooting the girl as she appeared to attempt to stab two people with a knife.
Interim Chief of Police Michael Woods said the video shows the officer acted to save the live of another young girl.
A black-handled blade resembling a kitchen knife or steak knife appeared to be lying on the sidewalk next to her immediately after she fell.
Woods said the incident began at approximately 4:32 p.m. when 911 received a call about a group of women trying to stab the caller and “put their hands on them” on the Woods said dispatchers tried to get information about weapons, but didn’t get that information.
The video shows the officer arriving at the scene as a fight between an undetermined number of people is taking place. Woods said a female with a knife attempts to stab one person who is on the ground, followed by a second who is pushed up against a vehicle. It is when the female goes to the second person against the car that the officer fires his weapon four times.
The officer then provides medical aid to the girl who was shot.
Woods said the department released the footage as quickly as it could in an effort to be transparent with the public.
Woods did not identify the victim, but family said she was 16-year-old Makiyah Bryant. She was transported to Mount Carmel East, where she was pronounced dead at 5:21 p.m.
A statement released by Franklin County Family Services said Bryant was a foster child under the care of Franklin County Family Services, calling her death “a tragic incident,” adding the organization is continuing its involvement with the family.
Columbus Police confirmed that it has requested the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) respond to the scene. BCI is often tasked with investigating shootings involving police officers.
State law allows police to use deadly force to protect themselves or others, and investigators will determine whether this shooting was such an instance Woods explained.
Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther previously identified the victim as a young woman in a tweet.
“This afternoon a young woman tragically lost her life,” Ginther tweeted.
He later said at the news conference, “We know based on this footage the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community.”
Ben Crump, who represented the Floyd family in their civil case against the city of Minneapolis, tweeted about the shooting saying “As we breathed a collective sigh of relief today, a community in Columbus felt the sting of another police shooting.”


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