Man fatally shot by Detroit police after attack on officer


DETROIT (AP) — Detroit police fatally shot a man as he was stabbing an officer with a knife, Chief James Craig said.
According to Craig, officers were called to a home, where they found a man had stabbed himself in the abdomen. An officer who tried to take away the knife was stabbed several times in the leg by the man. Other officers on the scene shot the man, who wasn’t immediately identified.
Craig said it wasn’t immediately known if the man died from the gunfire or from the self-inflicted wounds.
He said the man’s mother claimed he had a history of drug use and mental illness.
“This was a horrific scene,” Craig said. “This was all the problems we’re currently dealing with, all rolled up into one case.
Craig said the officer, who may have been wounded in the hand by friendly fire, was expected to recover.
The attack on the officer was the latest in a string of attacks on Detroit police officers that resulted in the officers firing on suspects, Craig said.
a man fired at officers before leading them on a high-speed chase. Footage from an officer’s body-worn camera shows the man shooting at officers a second time before they returned fire. The man later died from his injuries.


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