Top Beaches near Heraklion Crete, Greece


Though the city of Heraklion might not be on the top of your visit list for your next summer holiday – perhaps it should be! Crete is easy to get to from the United Kingdom and Heraklion airport transfers will make your journey into the heart of the city simple.

Not only does the region offer the best of the Mediterranean Sea and its luxurious beaches, it’s also a wonderful base for exploring the city itself. As one of the largest cities in all of Greece, there truly is something for everyone in the capital city of Crete.

Not only is the city blessed with plenty of attractions and set within a stunning landscape, Heraklion airport transfers make it extremely accessible. While you can enjoy plenty of culture and history, many people come here specifically for the beaches.

They can roughly be split into the popular and more tranquil ones; here are a few examples.

Well-known beaches

Many of the region’s beaches are renowned and very popular with those on a package holiday. You may pass several of these on the Heraklion airport transfers on your way to the city. These include beaches such as Matala Beach, which was a mecca for the hippies in the seventies and has the unique feature of caves in the mountains that come down to the beaches. A little further south is the Kali Limenes Beach area, which includes the largest beach, Makria Ammos, which has plenty of sunbeds, deep waters, trees and a gravel base. If you have your family with you, Kali Limenes is also home to Psili Ammos, a local beach that gets a good crowd of mixed ages. If you prefer the resort-style area, head to Agia Pelagia, just ten kilometres from Heraklion. Here you can have your pick of beaches, lined with an array of bars and hotels.

Pebble beaches


If you like the idea of something a little different, explore one of the pebble beaches in the region. Once you’ve arrived on the Heraklion airport transfers and settled in, take a day trip 17 kilometres west of the city and hit Palaiokastro Beach. Here you can sun yourself on a delightful stretch of pebbly beach and swim in the stunning blue waters that lap the shores. One end is home to the remains of Palaiokastro Castle, which is filled with ancient history. For something even more out of the way, head south to Agios Ioannis. The beach here is very quiet and you can spend your time fishing, swimming or visiting the local monastery built into a cave.

Tranquil Beaches

The incredible black pebbles of Koudouma Beach should be enough to beckon any beachgoer, but with the added attraction of the caves behind the beach and the promise of their amazing interiors, it’s no wonder that more people are finding out about Koudoma. After arriving in the city on your Heraklion airport transfers, this should be one of the first places you plan to visit. Located about sixty-two kilometres from the city, this beach has a thick black sand and pebbly beach that slopes into beautiful warm waters.


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