1 mom threatens another with gun at school drop-off


KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — Anyone who has ever negotiated the line of vehicles at a school drop-off zone knows how frustrating the daily process can be. But police in Kansas City, Kansas, say one mom took matters too far when she used a gun to threaten another mother in a school drop-off line.
The incident happened morning at Junction Elementary School.
Police say in reports that a mother was dropping off her children in the line when another car sped around hers. As the line was stopped, the mother got out of her car and confronted the other driver — a woman who also was dropping off students.
That’s when the woman who was confronted displayed a handgun and made threatening statements to the first mother, police said. School officials reported the incident to police, and officers arrested the woman who displayed the gun a short time later.
The woman is being held at the Wyandotte County Detention Center for two days as prosecutors decide what charges she might face, officials said.


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