Off-duty officer saves woman whose car plunged into canal


MIAMI (AP) — An off-duty South Florida police officer jumped into the water to save a woman whose car plunged into a canal.

El Portal Police Officer Angel Lopez was on his way home from work when he saw the car go into the water, according to Miami-Dade police.

Three cars were involved in a crash that sent Sabrina Anderson’s car into the canal, police said.

“The lady’s car ricocheted off my car, and it made my car go over into the water,” Anderson said. “I’m OK. I’m going to be all right.”

Lopez called Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for help before jumping into the water, authorities said.

“He went sliding down the embankment (and) he was able to get to the woman,” El Portal Police Chief David Magnusson said. “The window was open, fortunately, and he pulled her out through the window.”

With the help of rescue crews, Lopez and the woman made it safely back to shore.

Anderson said she’s thankful to Lopez and the fire rescue crew. Lopez’s boss was also extremely proud.

“Officer Lopez is a man of few words so to speak, but I can tell you in our conversation he was he was very proud, very happy,” the chief said.


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