Shooting death of Boston grandmother outrages city officials


BOSTON (AP) — A Boston grandmother in her mid-70s sitting on her front porch was struck and killed by a stray bullet, outraged city officials said.
The woman, whose name was not made public, was struck in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood at about 6 p.m, according to police. She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.
“It’s absurd that a grandmother can’t sit on her porch on a beautiful spring day without the worry of gunfire,” acting Mayor Kim Janey said during a news conference at the scene.
Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long, the city’s acting police commissioner said the victim was not the intended target.
No arrests have been announced.
Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins angrily vowed to find whoever is responsible for the shooting.
“We will find you and we will hold you accountable. I don’t want to hear about COVID, I don’t want to hear about anything else. This woman deserved to be alive,” she said.
The death was the city’s 10th homicide of the year.


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