Russian experts reveal the virtue of breast milk in infants’ resistance to Corona infection


The Russian Central Research Institute of Epidemiology reported that children under the age of one year, who are artificially fed, are the most affected by “Covid-19”.

The competent Russian institute attributed this to the fact that the central immune components do not reach children through breast milk, and their bodies do not yet produce enough protective antibodies.

Experts of this Russian institute of the Russian Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Citizen Welfare believe that the best solution for an infected mother is to separate from the child while preserving normal nutrition by indirectly transferring the baby’s natural milk.

However, although children with artificial feeding endure “Covid-19” with great difficulty, they are not at risk of developing multiple inflammatory syndrome, which epidemiologists consider one of the most serious complications of infection with the Coronavirus.

A study conducted by the Russian Central Research Institute of Epidemiology showed that the share of all children in Russia accounts for 8 to 10% of cases of infection with the Coronavirus, and that the most severe of them are those that affect children under the age of one year who are fed by an industrial way.


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