Alliance officer involved in shooting after carjacking


ALLIANCE, Neb. (AP) — The Nebraska Highway Patrol is investigating after an Alliance officer fired shots during an altercation with a suspect who allegedly rammed into another car in the police department’s parking lot.

Alliance Police Chief Philip Lukens said in a statement the series of events began late Friday when an officer tried to make a traffic stop but the suspect fled. The pursuit ended because of the “extreme” driving, he said.

A short time later, an officer received a report of an attempted carjacking.

At the same time, another officer who was bringing a prisoner into the jail saw a vehicle speed into department’s parking lot, with the driver screaming for help.

Lukens said the driver in the vehicle involved in the earlier pursuit was chasing and ramming the driver of that car. During an altercation, the officer fired a weapon.

The suspect fled. Other officers were called and an officer saw a fight in progress where the same suspect was allegedly trying to carjack another vehicle at knifepoint, Lukens said.

The suspect was apprehended without incident.

Body camera footage of the events will be released when the county attorney determines that’s appropriate.


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