1 dead, 2 sheriff’s deputies injured in Utah shooting


(UPI) — Two sheriff’s deputies were injured and a man was killed after gunfire broke out outside the Salt Lake County sheriff’s office in Utah.
At about 10:30 a.m. shots broke out on the grass on the north side of the building, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
The suspect, who authorities believe was a transient man in his 30s, died in the altercation and two officers were hospitalized with bullet wounds.
The officers were doing a routine check of the grounds — which includes the county jail and sheriff’s office — when they saw the man, who was armed.
“We don’t know if he was asleep or not, but something occurred to get their attention to go talk with him, and then it happened very quickly,” Sheriff Rivera said.
She did not say how the suspect died, but did confirm that the officers and the suspect exchanged gunfire.
One officer was shot in the face and the other in the eye, Sheriff Rosie Rivera said.
The deputy who was shot in the eye was expected to undergo eye surgery.
The other officer, who was grazed in the cheek, was expected to be released from the hospital.
Both deputies are expected to survive, according to Rivera. Neither has been identified publicly.
“They have a long time to heal. It’s a struggle. We’re just fortunate that they weren’t killed,” Rivera said. “They’re both great individuals and they’re strong. They were partners and they care about each other and they are in good spirits. I think the way that they have responded has helped everybody else respond as well.”


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