Police identify woman killed during eviction at Brickell high-rise


Police have identified the woman who was shot and killed after, they said, officers were forced to return fire while they served an eviction notice in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.

Miami-Dade Police said 40-year-old Stephanie Nicole Voiken is the woman who first fired at officers while they carried out an eviction letter at Brickell First Apartments, in the area of Southwest 12th Street and First Avenue.

According to someone familiar with the eviction, Voiken had been squatting in an apartment on the 22nd floor for over a year.

They added the 40-year-old never had a lease for the unit, and she first came to the building for a party but never left. She then put a sign on the door threatening to shoot anyone who entered the apartment.

Building residents, like Bianca Routt, said they knew very little about Voiken.

“I know the woman really kept to herself, and she had a couple of pets,” Routt said. “I saw her once in the elevator, and she was kind of standoffish, a little bit aggressive, like not very friendly, you know? Everyone in Miami is pretty forthcoming, so it was a little bit strange.”

Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators are handling the shooting investigation, which is protocol whenever an officer is involved in a shooting.


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