The Top 10 World’s Most Exclusive and Expensive Hotel Rooms


I wish I could live in the life of luxury, traveling around the world, having the ability to spend outrageous amounts of money to stay in the most expensive and exclusive hotel rooms in the world! What a great life; having a private pool, 10 bedroom suites, my own butler on call 24/7, chef, having an entire floor to myself, a private beach, and having a second floor to my hotel suite.

What a fabulous life the most wealthy world traveler’s and celebrities have, being able to dish out thousands of dollars for a room per night and not even thinking twice about it. I can only dream or look through luxurious magazines or hear about different celebrities jet setting to the most expensive hotels around the world.

The Royal Villa at The Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece is the most expensive hotel room per night I found in the entire World. For one single night it costs $50,000 to stay in the Royal Villa. The Royal Villa was designed for a King, it comes with the most luxurious amenities, everything one can possibly imagine: butler, chef, pianist, indoor and out door pools and a private beach. Wow! I can imagine staying in this Royal Villa, I would feel like a Queen. This outrageous Royal Villa costs more a night than most people make in a year.

Everyone knows this Hotel in Las Vegas, The Palms Casino Resort has the second most expensive hotel room, a staggering $40,000 per night. I first saw the outrageous two story hotel room with a $700,000 enormous hot tub on the balcony, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip on the popular show on VH1 “The Girls Next Door.” This is the place to stay in Las Vegas, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, staying in this room i would be treated like a celebrity, exactly how Hugh Hefner would want to be treated.

The Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons hotel in New York City costs per night to stay in the penthouse is $34,000. The Ty Warner Penthouse has a spectacular elegance to it, it over looks the entire city of New York City with 360-degree views. This penthouse has more bedrooms in it than my house, or most people’s houses, it has nine bedroom suites in it!

This penthouse has everything: indoor outdoor zen garden, library, private butler and private chauffeur! The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland has the entire top floor of the hotel for it’s room and cost $33,000 per night. Celebrities, public officials and the super rich stay in this Royal Penthouse Suite, it has bulletproof windows and its own private elevator to the suite. The Penthouse overlooks Lake Geneva.

The Bridge Suite at The Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas is located actually on a bridge, the bridge suite connects two towers of the hotel. How cool is that? A bridge suite. It only costs $25,000 per night! hehe…I heard Oprah, Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson have stayed on this Bridge Suite in the Bahamas.

The Presidential Suite at Hotel Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda, Italy is in a exclusive Mediterranean location, where this magnificent hotel is located, the presidential suite runs $21,000 per night and doubles in the summer to $42,000. This private Mediterranean location is where the world’s wealthiest people and celebrities gather. This presidential suite has an outdoor salt water pool, private wine cellar and private fitness gym.

The Royal Suite at Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is extraordinary, viewing the pictures of the hotel it looks like a palace for a King. To stay in the Royal Suite it costs $18,000 per night, the suite is covered with marble and gold, the royal suite has a private cinema and a grand gold staircase.

– The Ritz-Carlton Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Russia is $16,000 per night.

– The Imperial Suite at the Park Hyatt in Vendome, Paris is $15,500 per night,

– The Penthouse Suite at Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France is $9,300 per night then it goes to $48,000 during the Cannes Film Festival.

These are the top 10 most expensive and most exclusive hotel rooms I found around the world. What a great experience it would be to actually stay and enjoy a week at one of these hotels. The pictures I came across when researching this topic were outrageous and amazed me that there were actually hotel rooms like those. My mouth dropped and I caught myself drooling and imagining one day I want to be in those suites.

My favorite one? guess…It was the Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece. If one day I become a millionaire i would definitely go to Athens and stay at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in the Royal Villa.


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