Wichita man captured after 2 shot at shut business


The proprietor of a shut pet treat processing plant in Wichita has been captured after two guys who entered the property were shot, Wichita police said.

Ken Thomas, 62, of Wichita was captured after the taking shots at the previous TreatCo business, police representative Charley Davidson said. He deals with potential indictments of irritated battery.

Officials reacting to the giving tracked down a 19-year-elderly person who had been fired with shotgun pellets, Davidson said. While he was being treated at a clinic, a 17-year-old male who had additionally been shot with pellets showed up to look for treatment, he said.

Their wounds were not viewed as perilous.

Davidson said examiners decided the two had entered the TreateCo property, where they were gone up against by Thomas, who discharged a few shots at them.

The plant consumed for over a day a year ago, after two past flames since 2011, The Wichita Eagle announced.

Government, state and city wellbeing and climate authorities visited the plant a few times since the organization showed up from Texas in 1996 for supposed ecological and worker infringement.


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