3rd suspect in Seattle woman’s death arrested in Utah


WEST JORDAN, Utah (AP) — A man was arrested in West Jordan, Utah in connection with the murder of a Seattle woman who was recently found dead in Texas.

Marisela Botello Valadez went missing in October 2020, according to Dallas-Fort Worth area news outlets.

The 23-year-old from Seattle, Washington was visiting a friend in the Dallas area at the time. One night, she left her friend’s apartment to go to a nightclub. She hadn’t been seen or heard from since,

her body was found in a wooded area in Wilmer, about 20 miles southeast of Dallas.

One suspect, 49-year-old Nina Marano, was arrested the following day, and 57-year-old Lisa Dykes was arrested earlier this week. A third suspect, 31-year-old Charles Anthony Beltran, was arrested Friday in West Jordan after investigators said they received intelligence that he was in Utah.

West Jordan Police, the Dallas Police Department and U.S. Marshals helped take Beltran into custody without incident and booked in the Salt Lake County Jail awaiting extradition.

Officials did not say why Beltran was in West Jordan or exactly where he was found and arrested.

Police say they identified the suspects after tracing the victim’s and suspects’ cellphones. It was determined that Valadez was with all three suspects at Beltran’s and Dykes’ home the night she was last seen by her friend.


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