Floods in Tennessee leave 4 dead, troops rescue trapped residents


Authorities said torrential floods last night in central Tennessee left four people dead and many people trapped by rising water levels.

A man was found in a submerged car near a creek

Another man was found on a golf course after police said he may have left his car and bulldozed it.

Another man and woman were found near a camp for the displaced.

The accounts included reports of emergency responders helping people in the compounds and drivers traveling along the roads of the flooded area.

“Water is a very strong and powerful thing that doesn’t take much to keep your car off,” said Katie Morgan, chief meteorologist.

Torrential rains are expected to continue in the area for several hours early Sunday, with alerts activated until 4:30 a.m. in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and Juliet Mountain, the Tennessian Nashville newspaper reported. Other alerts were in effect until 7 a.m.

“Big flash floods occur with many roads, highways and homes flooded with rescue operations from running water!” The National Weather Service wrote in a letter. “Please stay home and don’t travel!”

The newspaper reported that a strong storm hit Lexington, Tennessee, on Saturday afternoon, causing extensive damage. The area was warned of a tornado but it was not immediately clear if the hurricane actually hit.


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