Visit Orlando, Miami, Daytona, Naples, or Key West on Your Florida Vacation


So you have saved enough money for a Florida vacation. You are very excited. You want to go to the beach but still have access to other amenities. But you don’t where to go.

Well there’s no better place to go than to Florida. If your purpose is to have fun and relax, Florida is the perfect place to be.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State because of its long stretches of sandy beaches, larger-than-life theme parks and near perfect climate all year round. It is because of these attractions, Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Florida is composed of 1,200 miles of sugary white beaches and surrounded by clear blue seas. Florida offers a unique blend of tropical sunshine, modern Miami culture and warm Southern hospitality. The best thing you will love about Florida is the weather. Florida’s average temperature is in the mid 80’s in the summer, and the mid 70’s in the winter.

To experience Florida as its best, it is highly advisable that you rent a vacation rental home or a beach front condo that would provide you with the perfect sand and sea holiday.

Aside from swimming and basking under the Florida sun, you can do other fun activities in the sunny state. You can enjoy a round of golf in the cosmopolitan city of Naples; you can do some canoeing through the waterways of Sarasota; you can fish at Fort Myers Beach or feast on the delicious seafood in Tarpon Springs. A Florida vacation would ensure you have a good time both indoors and outdoors.

Another fun activity to do in Florida, is shopping. Miami, in particular, is a very fashionable city. Miami is literally a melting pot of cultures.

To complete your Florida vacation you must visit Orlando, the homeland of Mickey. Orlando is a vibrant city brimming with extravagant theme parks, shopping malls, late-night bars, restaurants and family catered entertainment. This is the reason why Orlando earned the distinction of being America’s theme capital.

Exploring Florida will take time because Florida is a very long state. Be aware that you will spend a lot of time on the road. if you want to visit both the Florida Panhandle and also Key West. So it would be necessary to spend at least two weeks in Florida to see all the sights. One week is simply not enough to catch all the fun Florida can offer.

If you are planning to work while you’re on vacation and will tote along your laptop, it will not be a problem as most hotels offer wireless Internet service. But it is advisable to call ahead to the hotel and verify the connection you can expect.

If you don’t like running into crowds, then plan your Florida vacation for the cooler seasons. You tend to get a bit better service and often a break on hotel prices. February and October are the two best months, due to the really nice weather. Also take note of local Florida events, like the lobster mini-season in the Florida Keys, the seafood festival in Cedar Key and the Daytona 500 NASCAR Race at Daytona Beach. Whatever your preferred activiites, take lots of sun screen!


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