2 Fulshear police officers injured in New Mexico plane crash


Two off-duty Fulshear Police officers were injured when their small plane crashed into a mountain in New Mexico.
Police say Adam Schoof and Dillon Rice were in a small plane heading to California when they ran into trouble near Lordsburg, New Mexico.
Capt. Mike McCoy with the Fulshear Police Department told ABC13 Schoof has a private pilot’s license and was flying the plane at the time of the crash.
“[Schoof] normally pilots as a hobby. But he normally pilots on his off time to take passengers who can’t afford flights to area hospitals. He volunteers his own time to do that,” McCoy said of Schoof.
It took rescuers nearly four hours to find the wreckage and stabilize the two officers. Schoof and Rice were eventually taken to a hospital in El Paso, where they remain in serious, but stable condition.
McCoy said Schoof is married with a daughter. His good friend, Rice, has a girlfriend.
“I love these guys, they’re family. I really love them,” McCoy said. “These two guys are just good hearts.”
The extent of the officers’ injuries is not known at this point, but both are undergoing surgery and will remain in the hospital in El Paso for some time.


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