Bomb threat cleared at Pensacola International Airport


Authorities cleared a bomb threat at Pensacola International Airport that caused the terminal to close for a short period of time.

Matt Coughlin, director at Pensacola International Airport, said the airport received a bomb threat around 8:30 a.m. through a phone call to the airport operations center.

The airport then contacted Pensacola Police and Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, which executed its emergency plan before clearing the threat about 45 minutes later.

Authorities closed the terminal during this time, the airport was evacuated and flights were held on the runway as the threat was being investigated. The FDLE and FBI continue to investigate the matter.

“We always treat any threat as credible up until the point we determine it’s not credible or it’s been completely mitigated,” Coughlin said.

Coughlin added that all operations at the airport have returned to normal. You are still encouraged to check with your airline to see if your flight has been affected.

“Currently it is fair to say we are in a safe environment here,” Coughlin said. “We are continuing as normal at this point.”


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