Georgia officers kill man who took 3 kids hostage


CENTERVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Police in Georgia over the weekend shot and killed a man accused of barricading himself inside a home with his three young children as hostages, according to the state Bureau of Investigation.

Shawn Michael Evanuk, 48, was pronounced dead after shooting in Centerville, the agency said in a statement, adding that Evanuk was out of jail on bond for simple battery family violence at the time.

Authorities were sent to the home on a report of a domestic dispute, according to the statement from GBI Special Agent Todd Crosby. When officers arrived, Evanuk, who had been ordered to stay away from the residence as part of his bond agreement, was standing in the driveway, Crosby said.

Evanuk became upset and went back into the home and barricaded himself inside with his 4-year-old, 2-year-old and 1-year-old children, according to the agency.

A Houston County Sheriff’s Office special response team attempted to negotiate with Evanuk and he eventually released the 4-year-old and 1-year-old, officials said. But Evanuk kept the 2-year-old with him and threatened to burn the house down with the child inside.

Investigators entered the home and encountered Evanuk armed with a knife, according to the GBI. Officials said a response team member shot Evanuk after he repeatedly refused to drop the weapon and physically struggled with an investigator.

It was unclear whether any of the children or officers were injured. None of the officers involved were immediately identified and authorities did not say whether anyone would be placed on standard administrative leave during the GBI investigation.


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