Homeless man shot and killed in northeast Fresno


A homicide investigation is underway after a fight between a security guard and a homeless man ended in gunfire.

Police responded to calls of a shooting at the Best Western near Fresno Street and Shaw Avenue just after 11 PM.

When they arrived a security guard told officers he shot and killed a homeless man who attacked him.

An innocent bystander was also caught in the crossfire.

The security guard told police he was making his usual rounds when he came across the homeless man.

That’s when things got physical between the two men — and the fight escalated.

“The security guard is claiming that he had to shoot the transient out of self defense,” says Fresno Police Lt. Israel Reyes. “Our homicide detectives are here and they’re going to interview everyone that’s involved.”

When the security guard opened fire, a stray bullet hit a 33-year-old man in the arm, who was in a nearby parking lot.

He’s expected to survive his injuries.

Detectives are still on scene and reviewing surveillance footage from the hotel


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