A man was shot dead outside a Philadelphia jail shortly after his release


Officials said that a man from Philadelphia who was released from prison in the early morning was chased back to the prison grounds where he was shot and killed near the main gate.

Rodney Hargrove, 20, was released from Curran Fromhould Correctional Facility in Homsburg after being released on bail at around 1am, said Blanche Carney, the Philadelphia Corrections Commissioner.

According to officials, Hargrove was imprisoned for less than a week on charges of theft and weapons.

He had no known affiliations and there were no incidents during his arrest.

Officers drove Hargrove to the nearby SEPTA station where he arranged an excursion from a family member. While waiting, an unknown vehicle chased Hargrove and ran back to the prison grounds.

The car followed Hargrove to campus through an elevated gate. The 20-year-old was hit by multiple bullets in the upper body and was pronounced dead shortly after the police arrived, according to Chief Inspector of Philadelphia Police Scott Small.

According to Small, the prison guards did not see the shooting and no cameras were directed to where the shooting broke out.

Investigators say Hargrove was held at the facility last week on charges, but not convicted of receiving stolen property, carrying a loaded firearm, as well as fleeing or trying to evade officers.

His bond was published in the court records in the morning.

The authorities indicated that a dark-colored car was seen speeding away from the prison shortly after the shooting.


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