4 killed and 1 wounded in a shooting at the Phoenix house


A man allegedly drinking alcohol and making suicide statements shot his grandparents and uncle and wounded another member of his family before a relative killed him, Phoenix police said.

Police identified the victims as D’elia Noriega, 66, Isias Tovar, 62, Sr., Isias Tovar, Jr., 31, and an unidentified 19-year-old family member with an unusual injury. . Life-threatening injury

It remains unclear who shot the 26-year-old Gilbert Gonzalez who reportedly opened fire on his relatives Tuesday night at a home in West Phoenix.

Police received a call about the shooting and arrived at the scene to find five people inside a house with gunshot wounds.

Isaias Tovar Sr. and Delia Noriega were pronounced dead at the scene, according to police, and the remaining three men were rushed to hospital.

Police said Isaiah Tovar Jr. and Gonzalez were pronounced dead in hospital.

Investigators were not immediately able to determine who shot Gonzales.

“Evidence indicates that Gilbert was drinking alcohol and making suicide statements before his grandparents, uncle and one of his other family members who survived were shot,” said a police spokeswoman, the Sgt. Ann Justus said in a statement. “At some point during the shooting, a family member responded by shooting and hitting Gilbert.”

Police said before investigators concluded that there was no threat from the community, officers wearing rifles in tactical gear and some with dogs were among those seen searching neighboring homes.


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