Prison staffer at Tecumseh assaulted by inmate


TECUMSEH, Neb. (AP) — An inmate attacked a staffer at the state prison in Tecumseh, Nebraska prisons officials said.
The assault occurred, when an inmate punched the staffer several times in the head, according to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. Laura Strimple, a spokeswoman for the agency, said other staff members were able to restrain the inmate and stop the attack.
The assaulted staffer was taken to a hospital treatment of head injuries considered serious enough to require immediate medical treatment and curtail the staffer’s usual activity.
The Johnson County Attorney will review a prison investigation into the incident and decide whether to file charges, Strimple said. The inmate will also be subject to discipline within the prison system that may result in the loss of good time or other sanctions, she said.
Neither the names of the staffer nor the inmate suspected in the attack were released.


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