Michigan mom, 29, dies saving 5-year-old twin sons in car crash, family says


Hillarie Galazka died while protecting her boys as a “strong, loving” mother, Kelley wrote.

A Michigan woman died saving her twin 5-year-old sons by using her body to protect them as a vehicle plowed into their car, her family said.

Hillarie Galazka, 29, was driving back to her Lincoln Park home when her Saturn Ion was rear-ended on an entrance ramp of I-96

Galazka died on the scene but her twin sons survived with minor injuries, her family said.

“Her body saved them,” her mother, Jodie Kelley, told the station. “The boys say they saw her open her eyes and look at them, and then she closed her eyes, never opened them again.

They remember that.”

Michigan State Police said the 25-year-old male driver who struck Galazka’s vehicle was speeding and driving on a suspended license, the station reported.

He fled the scene of the accident and was later found at a hospital, police said.

“I cannot believe that this man wasn’t in prison for his entire life for all of his warrants,” Kelley said. “I can’t believe he was behind the wheel doing 90 miles per hour in an SUV.”

No details on what charges the driver could face were immediately available.

Police are continuing to investigate the crash.


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