6 people killed, young child rescued in Oklahoma home fire


A mobile home fire in Woodward claimed the lives of six people, but a firefighter and local resident were able to rescue a young child from the deadly blaze.

The fire ignited . A community member called the Woodward Fire Department at around 1:15 a.m. and reported that a single-wide mobile home was ablaze in the 1100 block of Kansas Avenue.

A Woodward Fire Department captain was the first firefighter at the scene. The captain and a nearby resident used a lawnmower to knock out a window air conditioning unit, creating an escape path for anyone inside to escape. A young child jumped out.

Other firefighters arrived on scene and went into the burning mobile home through the open window and searched for other survivors. They opened the door from the room where the child was rescued and were hit by heat so intense their face masks began to melt.

Firefighters then switched to battling the blaze from outside and quickly contained the fire.

Crews searched the mobile home and found six people dead.

The State Medical Examiner and State Fire Marshal are working to identify the victims and the cause of the of the deadly fire.

A nearby structure sustained exterior damage, but crews were able to stop the blaze from spreading any further.


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