Real Housewives of Cheshire star Ester Dee on co-stars she keeps in touch with and homeschooling challenges


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Real Housewives of Cheshire star Ester Dee has opened up on her homeschooling experience.

The glamorous star, 34, who last year revealed a new sleeve tattoo, is mum to her adorable daughter Pearl.

And discussing what it’s been like to teach her little one at home amid the pandemic, Ester said : “We both enjoyed home schooling. There’s no need for waking up early and putting uniform on.

“But the biggest challenge has been to keep Pearl motivated every day and her concentration levels are low.”

The stunning reality star continued to say it was difficult to juggle every day life and homeschooling “most days.”

Ester, who told us she won’t have more children, shared her advice for other mums struggling with the homeschooling and every day life balance.

“We are not teachers, if you cannot do it then maybe give your child a lesson from the university of life; show them how to bake, repair something and so on,” the star said.

Ester’s little one has been loving music classes, and the mum and daughter duo have also spent time reading celebrity-favourite children’s book Grumbalina and The Day Everything Changes.

The inspirational book is a positive story about fairy friends learning to get along and grow up, written by Karina Fredericks, perfect for children aged four and above.

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Of the book, Ester said : “I loved reading the book because it’s very realistic. We read it 100 times, Pearl loves it. Pearl is just like Grumbalina herself!

“Reading is very important in my view. It sparks Pearl’s imagination and stimulates her curiosity.”

Grumbalina focuses on every day common challenges like laziness, sibling rivalry and jealousy, and Ester added that she likes the fact that it prepares her daughter for “real life.”

In Ester’s life things are looking busy, with the glamorous mum-of-one hoping to make her own television show in Gibraltar where her boyfriend Glynn lives.

While in lockdown the star, who quit Real Housewives Of Cheshire last year, has enjoyed “beach walks, running around with Pearl, and her fasting diet.”

Ester admits leaving the popular reality show was the “right thing” for her to do, and that the time had come.

In a recent update, she told us: “I miss filming, I miss the crew. I would like to be back one day for sure.”

Ester also said she keeps in touch with her “friends forever,” Rachel Lugo, Dawn Ward and Seema Malhotra from the show.


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