Ohio police search for killer of 8 members of one family


The search continues and intensifies in the state of Ohio for the perpetrator or perpetrators of the killing of 8 members of one family in the state by firing squad.

The eight were shot in the head in 4 different places southwest of the town of Paekton, and there is no information on the motive behind this crime.

Officials say they are tracking at least one person they say is armed and dangerous.

Investigators questioned 30 people, but the police have not arrested anyone yet.

Seven of the victims were adults, and the eighth was a 16-year-old boy. Several of them were sleeping in their beds when they were killed, officials say.

All the dead were members of the “Rodin” family, said Pike County Sheriff Charles Ridder, but their identities have not been officially identified yet.

The bodies were found in four different residences all on Union Hill Street in rural Pike County, Ohio.

Authorities say three children, including a baby under 4 days old, survived.

“There is a strong possibility that those involved in this crime are very armed and dangerous,” said Police Director Rader.

The authorities urged residents of the region to be careful.

The investigators said that they follow a very large number of news stories, and it is not clear whether one or more people were involved in the crime.

The police director said that he “thinks the family was a target,” adding that he met about 100 members of the same family in a church where he offered them police protection.

A businessman from Cincinnati, in the state, offered a reward of 25,000 dollars to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and sentencing of the perpetrators and those involved in the crime.


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