Lizzo made a vegan version of the viral feta pasta, and it looks as good as hell


Lizzo, certified singer of “Good as Hell” and “Juice”, has been a vegan for nearly a year now. I found a way, though, to turn the viral TikTok feta noodles (which seemed to still be going strong), into a botanical version that looked great, and then – of course – I posted it on TikTok. Today he has the scoop.

But of course the question is: How?

In the TikTok video, she uses vegan goat cheese made by a brand called Spero (for which she sent samples). Spiro’s goat cheese substitute is mainly made with organic sunflower seeds, and Liso says it is “delicious”. The rest of its ingredients don’t stray from the original recipe: cherry tomatoes, garlic, “basil hela” and grape seed oil in place of olive oil. An intriguing deviation was the addition of honey, which is not considered vegan because it uses honeybees (so it’s probably 99.9% vegetarian).

The pasta she chose was based on chickpeas, and despite her doubts, the cherry tomatoes were actually mixed into the sauce. The final product is similar to the original TikTok video.

Vegan cheeses have come a long way, so I’m not surprised the recipe came together so well. It’s not quite perfect yet, but creating a completely natural version of vegan cheese is still a challenge to manufacture. However, more companies are trying such as The Bel Group, known for its little babybel waxed cheeses. For the record, I’m a huge fan of chow cheese, which is made with coconut and the flavor of fermented tofu, and it’s really enriched with grilled cheese. Lisoo, if you’re reading this, please do vegan spaghetti carbonara afterward, because everyone loves big arguments over food.


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