2 dead, several injured in club shooting


Two people are dead and several are wounded after a weekend shooting at a club in Pattison.

According to Claiborne County Sheriff Edward Goods, shots were fired early at Wilson’s Lounge on Pattison-Tillman Road.

An innocent bystander was killed when a fight about a social media beef broke out between two rival rap groups, authorities said. The incident began in Vicksburg and turned deadly during a birthday party at the club in Claiborne County.

“Two individuals were shot, a Mrs. Gerreinsha Gibson, 21, and Mr. Justin Marshall, 21. They succumbed to their injuries due to the gunshot wounds that they suffered,” Goods said.

In an interview with The Vicksburg Daily News, Goods said several other people were injured when the fight broke out.

“We had several others that were injured — cuts and bruises — from the initial fight that occurred inside the establishment, and we had three that were injured by fragments or projectile bullets, as well,” Goods said.

Goods said the shooters and those involved in the fight are in custody. He said charges will also be brought against the people who were not there but were involved in the ongoing social media dispute that he said started the whole thing.


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