A 13-year-old boy in Pennsylvania is charged with overfilling the death of his younger brother


A 9-year-old boy’s decision not to play police and thieves cost him his life – and now his 13-year-old killer will be tried as an adult.

The young victim, a resident of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania – two miles north of the Maryland border – was shot dead by his 13-year-old brother in the morning.

The suspect has been charged with criminal murder and aggravated assault, according to court records.

The brothers were reportedly in the living room of their house when the older boy wanted to play police and thieves. But after the 9-year-old refused to watch videos on the phone, the older brother recovered a loaded pistol that their father kept in an unlocked locker, according to The AP.

A written statement revealed that the pistol was placed on the head of the 9-year-old, just before the shooting. The report stated that the bullet tore the boy’s skull and exited on the right side of his head.

The teenager admitted to the police that he was angry at his brother for not wanting to play. He claimed that he later returned the gun to the cabinet, according to reports.

The older boy called 911 after the shooting, but his brother later died in hospital, according to The AP.

The boy’s father told the police that he kept two 9-mm guns loaded in the cabinet for protection, according to NBC News.

State police said that the 13-year-old claimed to have been dealing with firearms repeatedly while he was without supervision.


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