Two people were killed in a shooting ambridge


Two people were shot dead inside the ambridge house
Ambridge Police said the accident occurred at Building 900 on Maplewood Street around 1:30 p.m.
Inside the house, the police found two dead people. An adult woman has been arrested for the shooting, according to interim president John DeLuca.
“It was a terrible sight,” said Deluca.
Beaver County Attorney General David Luzier reports that they are not looking for any more suspects and preparing a criminal complaint, which will likely be filed first.
RAW: Several buildings in Cambridge have been closed by police, Beaver County’s investigative judge
The Ambridge Police Department receives assistance from the Beaver County Detective Office and the Beaver County Investigator’s Office.
Several buildings around the house were closed due to the presence of the police and fire department.
The motive behind the accident is unclear. The identity and ages of the victims were also not revealed, pending notification of the closest relatives.


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