Huge fireball caught on video after train and 18-wheeler collide, Texas


AP_ A train and 18-wheeler collided in Texas, sparking a major explosion, officials say.
The crash happened just after 7 a.m. in Cameron,
Video of the aftermath posted to Twitter shows an opaque column of dark smoke billowing from the crash seconds before a fireball erupts into the sky.
Officials said the train conductor and semi driver both escaped without injury. No one else was injured.
Milam County Sheriff Chris White told the outlet the blaze is largely petroleum and that there have been “no reports of chemical hazards.”
Officials said the 13-15 train cars “were carrying fuel, coal and rock cars.
About an hour after the crash, Cameron Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said three train cars filled with fuel were on fire and would likely be left to burn. Three more were derailed.
Due to the extreme heat from the fire, some homes in the area were evacuated, according to the radio station. No homes had caught fire as of 9:15 a.m., but two sheds “near a home had burned,” officials said.
Another video filmed by White shows thick smoke rolling over a road in what appears to be a residential area.
Several people shared photos of the blaze and column of smoke to social media, some from many miles away.
Cameron is roughly 80 miles northeast of Austin.


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