Boat overturns near Egypt’s Alexandria; at least five dead, others missing


A boat capsized on evening in a lake near the Egyptian Mediterranean city of Alexandria, leaving at least five dead, three injured, and others missing, the official Facebook page of Alexandria said in a live video.

A number of ambulances and civil protection forces were dispatched to the incident site to salvage the boat and passengers, who are believed to be close to 17 individuals from one family, as per local news media.

Up to five bodies have been retrieved thus far and taken to two hospitals in the Mediterranean city, while three other injured passengers were transferred to other hospitals, Alexandria’s Governor Mohammed El-Sharif said in the live stream.

A search operation is underway to retrieve other missing passengers who are still missing, the governor added.

The governor did not provide further details on the reasons behind the incident, but he said the boat is one of the random boats that are used for entertainment without having the necessary licenses.


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