Avalanche kills a skier in Wyoming National Park


Park Service said Matthew Breen, 33, a resident of Jackson, Wyoming, was driving a small group of locals who wanted to ski on the Broken Thumb Couloir when the avalanche broke out.

It is the latest of at least 32 avalanche deaths in the United States in the 2020-2021 season, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. There were 23 deaths recorded last season, with 25 deaths recorded in each of the previous two seasons.

The park service said Brienne entered the narrow area of ​​Colwar over the mountains when the avalanche occurred.

“The avalanche was up to two feet deep and cracked at a height of fifty to one hundred feet over Brienne, sweeping it over the slope and slope of nearly a thousand feet,” the statement said.

Others in the group called 911 and alerted friends who were also skiing.

“Both parties made their way to Priene and found him partially buried,” the statement said. “They removed it from under the rubble and started CPR.”

The victim was “very shocked and it was confirmed that she was dead at the scene of the accident.”


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