A man is killed in a shooting inside a Nashville target


A man is charged with criminal homicide after reports of a man being shot and killed inside the target in western Nashville.
The metro police responded around 7:30 p.m. To goal on Charlotte Pike. The store has been evacuated.
Officials say 40-year-old Avery Collier was shot outside the electronics department. He died in the store.
According to police, the suspect was identified as 29-year-old David Van Dyck. MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron said Van Dyck had purchased items before the shooting happened.
Metro police said Van Dyck and Collier, who did not know each other, got into an argument at the front of the store while Collier and his girlfriend entered the target. A few minutes later, the two got into another argument near the electronics department when police said Van Dyck had shot Collier once from a distance, and then several times after Collier hit the ground.
After the shooting, Van Dyck reportedly left the store and went to his car.
After the officers arrived, they said Van Dyck went back to the front of the store, put his rifle in an agricultural pot and told them he was responsible.
He was taken to the police headquarters for interrogation and then placed in prison around 12:45 am for criminal murder. He was holding on to a million dollar bond.
The goal reopened at its regularly scheduled hours.


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