3 killed and 2 wounded in a shooting at a gun store in New Orleans


Three people, including the suspect being shot, were killed in a shooting at a gun store in the suburb of Metairie, New Orleans, and two more were hospitalized.
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting at the Jefferson Gun Outlet, a gun store and shooting range.
Police said when the deputies arrived at the scene at around 2:50 p.m. Local time (3:50 PM ET), they found several people with gunshot wounds.
“Three people were killed at the scene of the accident, and two others were transferred to a local hospital for treatment,” said a statement issued by the sheriff’s office.
While the shooting incidents are still under investigation, police said it appears that one suspect shot and killed two people inside the shooting range before being confronted and shot by several others outside.
The suspect was one of three people who were killed, according to the sheriff’s office.
Police said that the condition of the two people who were taken to hospitals in the area is stable.


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