2 killed in a military plane crash near an airport in Alabama


Two pilots died after a military plane crashed near the Alabama airport during a training mission, officials said.
The plane landed in a woodland area near Montgomery Regional Airport, according to Airport Executive Director Marshall Taggart. The airport was notified of the crash shortly after 5 pm. Local time.
The Air Force said in a statement that the T-38 trainer aircraft was assigned to the 14th Flight Training Wing, based out of Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.
Lieutenant Scott Ames Jr., 24, of Beijing, Indiana, was identified by the Sunday training suite as one of the pilots who died. Ames was a trained pilot with the 50th Flight Training Squadron at Columbus Air Force Base.
The second pilot, Rinsi Osaki, has been identified 25 years old. Osaki was a student pilot of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and was attending college pilot training in Columbus.
The cause of the crash is still under investigation. The Air Force said a safety investigation committee would conduct an investigation.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the pilots involved in this accident,” Colonel Seth Graham, commander of the 14th Flight Training Wing, said in a statement Friday evening. “There are no words to describe the grief associated with the loss of our teammates.
Graham said during a news conference that a student and a trainer for the United States Air Force died in the accident. They were participating in a routine training mission outside the station.
“Every weekend as part of our curriculum we send students out to do what we call a cross-country training mission, as they fly away from Columbus across the region to get training at other airports,” Graham said.
Graham, not knowing his final destination, said the pilots were on the first leg of a two-stage mission.
Graham said the base temporarily suspended those types of missions outside the station.


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